This is who I am.

One of my favorite choir songs growing up was Stand in the Light by Jordan Smith, I always felt like I connected to this song because even with challenges we may face in like we shouldn’t let them define how other May perceive us. The only person who really determines our worth or value is ourself. We are the authors of our own stories. Hi, my name is Emma and this is my story of my life. Although I’m only a few chapters in, I am excited to share the story with you all as long as you are interested. Growing up on a small town, there was never anything really to do. Our Saturday nights consisted of hanging out in the parking lot of a supermarket. Now I finally am getting the chance to leave this mundane town, and hopefully being able to experience a new life away from home in college. I plan to attend the University of North Alabama on a partial full ride for nursing in the fall of 20’. Hopefully that will still happen to do the state of our world. You see I was a Pandemic Grad, I spent the end of my Senior year locked up inside.

Growing up, I have alway felt a connection with sewing, crafts and fashion. It gives me an outlet to express my creativity and style. My goal for this blog is to share my growing knowledge of fashion and sewing. While I am still a beginner, I really want to use this as an ability to connect with more people who love fashion and develop into a more knowledgeable designer.

So please, join me on my journey as a take my first step towards being more involved with the fashion community. If you love DIY projects and sewing clothes please give me a follow!







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