Downtown Spring Photoshoot + Tips

Mini City Photoshoot

Spring has made me appreciate my city so much this year. In the area I live it there really is a big precsense of nature. Being cooped up in my dorm room all winter has really made me want to explore more since the weather has been nice. It really is crazy to think that a couple weeks ago I was all bundles up just to go outside and now my weekly wardrobe is filled with tanks and shorts. As the days of the school semester draw near I thought it would be a great idea to have a mini photoshoot in the downtown.

I know it can be super awkward to take pictures especially when you are alone, but once you get used to it can be freeing. My favorite purchase has to definitely be my tri-pod. You can find great deals for them on Amazon too!!

DIY Photoshoot

In order to capture some great pictures you have to first find perfect areas to shoot in. When taking outfit pictures or character pictures I always look for different types of walls to create a background on. The best plain walls are walls that are the textured ones because they can add layers and dimension to each photo. If you are looking for a more natural background I love to find quiet spots in parks to take pictures. I specifically look for flower bushes that are in bloom or trees blossoming in the sun. Just find what background would compliment your outfit the best and go for it!

Tip # 1: When taking pictures I alway take a video instead, especially if I am alone. Taking a video allows you to quickly do a few poses and get a million different images. These are especially great for candids! All you have to do is open the video after capturing it and screenshot the images.

Tip # 2: Think of something funny for more natural smiles!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Happiness is a state of activity


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