Tarpon Springs: A Southern Hidden Gem

Just like every college student I longed for something fun to do over spring break although my spring break unfolded a lot differently then you would expect for a college student. You might expect beachside parties but my spring break was quite the opposite.

For spring break I took a trip down to Tampa for a quick break from the chaos that is college and honestly I just expected to relax. Little did I know that I would find and fall in live with the cutest town I have every been too. Tarpon Springs! I mean wow this place took my breath away it was honestly amazing. This town is situated a short drive from Tampa and is one the first Greek settlements in the United States. Tarpon Springs is known world wide for their sponge diver and the natural sponges that they produce. The best part about their sponges are that they are natural and cannot grow bacteria inside them. This makes them the perfect solution to an eco-friendly option opposed to natural sponges that need to be thrown out almost after each use.

In this small little town you can see a vast array of places to eat and shop. On the main street you can walk by a few places selling authentic greek food, and let me tell you it is worth stopping. Another amazing edition to this town is the Taste of Greece Bakery! The desserts were the best things I have ever eaten. I tried both the plain sponge cake and a Greek mousse cake.

If you are wanting a little more out of your visit, around the town you can even take a boat cruise around the bay area and see some of the historic houses that sit right on the edge of the water. Most boat tours lasted around an hour to town hours out on the water. If you decide to choose the longer boat cruise you will be able to take the ride all the way to a small island off the coast and explore for a little before returning.

-Emma 😉

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