Best Quarantine Online Workouts

So if you know me, you know I do not really like to actually workout. I prefer to instead go to the gym of park and just walk for an hour. It not that I don’t like working out its just that I often times fine myself bored with the workouts. Since last March I have been trying my fair share of online youtube workouts and while some you might want to steer clear of, I feel like I have found a few staple workout videos that everyone should try

1.) Lilly Sabri- I find that her workouts actually leave my core aching. Her workout are fare from basic stationary movements and she even adds low-impact movements for people.

2.) Athlean- X – this workout might be my all time favorite follow along video. You can start seeing a difference almost instantly and it really helps to tighten your core quickly.

3. MadFit One Direction Workout- This is a great workout is you get bored easily, it honestly just feels like you’re dancing which makes the workout so much more enjoyable. Disclaimer: by the end of this workout you will definitely we drenched in sweat!!

Whether you are trying to get your dream body by summer or just bored of sitting at home these workouts are a great edition to any routine. They are super quick and very rewarding. I personally love to do these workouts to relieve stress and just help my body to feel healthier and better! I challenge you to find a workout video or routine that fits in your life.

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