Weekly Re-Cap

I feel like this second semester of college is just blasting by. I literally just started to remember my class room number and now I am practically half-way done. I always remember growing up and envying college students because they barely went to class and just got to do whatever they wanted everyday. Now I really know the reality: school, work, caffeine, homework, and then sleep. No one really prepares you for the amount of restless night and tired mornings you experience.

Recently my style has managed to change almost everyday this month. Monday I will dress all girlie and cottage core and then by the end of week I am dressy edgy. I honestly have no words on even how to describe my fashion. I really am obsessed with anything pink and cottage core aesthetic. The hardest challenge I find with expressing my style is constantly facing peoples opinions and questions of my outfits. Honestly I am really trying to express my self and my fashion without cares.

Moral of the story just BE YOURSELF! Honestly even is people make fun of your style keep wearing it because at the end of the day do things for yourself.

Published by emmajune01

Just a girl from a small town who loves her fashion!

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