The Year With NO Failed Resolutions…

To no surprise I have already failed to keep up with my New Years’s Resolution. Which in my case it seems like I made 10 unrealistic goals for this year. I basically set myself up to fail. Every year millions of people set unrealistic goals for how their new year should play out, and every year millions of people are left disappointed as January draws near.

We can’t keep doing this to ourselves. These unrealistic goals that we never uphold end up damaging out self-worth and confidence. We all know our limits so its time we start by setting realistic goals to build back the confidence we all once had.

So I propose instead of crying over missed goals lets set goals this month, just little milestones to help us start on the path to success. Whether that be incorporating a walk into everyday or even doing power poses in the morning.

Here is my plan…

Define you goals and establish what you would like to improve about yourself.

Set realistic time frames.

Create small goals that add up towards your big goal.

This year I am going to try and be real with myself an accomplish my goals. So from here on out I will be working out more, drinking tons of water, being more confident, and eating healthier.

I feel like this is the best year to change my bad habit and transform them so I can live a healthier and happier life.


Emma 🙂

Published by emmajune01

Just a girl from a small town who loves her fashion!

2 thoughts on “The Year With NO Failed Resolutions…

  1. It is so hard to keep up with resolutions… Sometimes I just completely forget about them altogether! But this year, like you, I’ve been taking a different approach. I’ve been setting smaller monthly goals instead, and I’m happy to say I’ve actually been doing pretty well on the goals I set this year! Let’s keep that momentum going!

    Again, thank you so much for joining my College Creator Linkup.

    Miles of smiles,


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