Advice From a College Freshman

One year ago I was an overemotional high school senior trying to piece together what was left of my high school career in the middle of a pandemic. So let me just start by saying I understand and know high school sucks.

If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would express how everything will work out with college. Looking back on it, it almost seems like my teachers were ding more harm than help in preparing me for college. They all put this idea in my head that college was going to be extremely challenging and that I might now make it. These teachers warned me of the ruthless college professors and the all-nighters I would be spending writing papers. The truth is no of this happened I my experience. I have not had one single professor who has not met me with kindness and compassion. The best part it they actually treat me like an adult within the class and genuinely value my time. While college is material wise a bit more challenging, it isn’t necessarily hard. The whole hard part of the college experience comes into play with being able to manage your time. Seriously start practicing now!

Just remember you are going to be the one making these choices for your own life so really take the time to develop the best plan for your goals. Make sure that even during all the chaos of choosing a school and finishing high school remember that all the applications and tours will be worth it that first day you step on campus. Find your home, not just your school.

-Sincerely a Female

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