January Re-Cap.. and Inspiration

This month really has been crazy. I feels like just yesterday I was celebrating Christmas and New Years. I just started back at college for my second semester and oh my everything is crazy in the world. College really is interesting during this time, it is filled with floor sign and masks as far as the eye can see.

This month I have been trying to really change my outlook of things in my life. I am not only trying to be healthier and happier but I am focusing more on things that I enjoy and trying new things. It feels like have been practically sewing for weeks. have literally been obsessed because of the growing sewing trend on TikTok, although most of my projects have came out as failures. As people we really need to work and practice the things we enjoy and are good at because the longer and harder you work the more of a pay-off you will have. Anyways since I am trying new things I really struggling to fine something creative and different to start. I have though about maybe trying to make candled or even getting into pastry baking, but I still haven’t decided.

I thought the best way to maybe bring us out of this gloomy month was to create an inspiration board to inspire us to keep trying this year. I used Pinterest to compile images that I felt like identified with my style, the lifestyle I like, and food that is aesthetically pleasing. The goal is to just act as a reminder when you are feeling down that these are your goals and inspiration to keep trying for.

Published by emmajune01

Just a girl from a small town who loves her fashion!

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