So you cut your hair… during the lockdown..

Being without social interaction for months really influenced me to do crazy things. Not only did I cut off al my hair MYSELF but I also DIY dyed my hair too. My hair really did look amazing…. for a month. Now it has been a few months and my hair is grown out, uneven and extremely dry after the months of abuse. My whole life I have been more on the lazy side with my hair, I never really use heat on it and I always used crappy products. I just never really saw hair care as a necessity in my life. At the moment I am focusing most of reviving my hair and really just transforming it to be a gorgeous silky brown.

Now don’t get me wrong, pixie cuts and bobs look amazing on the right face shape. What no one tells you before you do the cut is dealing with your hair as it enters the awkward stage when it sits right on your shoulders. It is the worst length, too short to curl and too short to put in a up-do. If your hair is anything like mine, its extremely frizzy and thick to do anything with. At this point its almost like i have to curl my hair constantly to at least look presentable.

Right now I have been using Hairitage by Mindy McKnight to try and save my hair. Having thick hair normally means my hair falls flat on top, but with the aid of Held High Volume Conditioner my hair has been extremely voluminous. After using this product I love to follow up with a hair oil (I use Argan oil) to help add some shine and dimension back into my hair. I know a lot of people really like to use heat in their hair routine, but allowing a few days a week heat free really can transform the state of your hair.

For the past few months I have grown my collection of the best hairstyles for mid-length hair.

1.) Half up Half Down- this is best for the days where you don’t have a lot of time but you still want a more professional look.

2.) Statement Headband- these accessories are a super easy way to dress up an outfit and make you look more put together.

3.) Braided Ribbon- To go about this hairstyle i just do a french or dutch braid half-way down and tie off with a hair tie. Normally I secure my ribbon on to the hair tie so it does not fall out. Another method would be to just wrap the ribbon around the hair after so you can cover the hair tie.

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