The Evolution of My Fashion

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My whole life I kinda just dressed like the major fashion trends that were happening at that time. I was always interested in other types of clothes but I was always too nervous to not fit in with the kids my age.

In elementary school I wore honestly whatever I could that would conflict with my recess. I literally would wear skirts or dresses to school, but I made sure to wear proper footwear: sketchers. Literally my favorite shoes were these awful looking sparkly and light-up sketchers. This was probably the one time in my life where I really did not care how I looked or what I wore outside if the house. Then middle school came, and I honestly feel horrible for anyone who saw the clothes I wore to school. Around this time the duct tape revolution was going on, which meant duct tape clothes, wallets, and more. I was so wrapped up in this trend that I even created duct tape woven overnight bag. Sadly not only did grow up during that trend but I also was in middle school during the mustache trend and the infinity scarf trend. I actually might have worn an infinity scarf every single day of middle school, even when it was warm outside. Eighth grade I developed a more “normal” style, it mainly was composed of swing dresses and bright pink sandals. Its crazy though because I didn’t even wear makeup at this age and kids now days are like makeup artists at that age. Anyways eighth grade was a pretty normal year compared to the chaos of the years before. Next came high school. Honestly I have no words. You would think that like my style changed to super cool and hip but that didn’t happen basically till my senior year and freshman year of college. My first two years were filled with skater skirts and super tight jeans rolled up at the ankles. At the time that was so in, now looking back at it I probably looked horrid. Junior year I wore more floral and bell sleeved outfits. I was really into blouses and turtle necks during this grade. Senior year I really started to step out of the major trends and find a style that really more identified with me. I wore a lot of high waisted pants and more muted colors instead or random patters and colors that did not match much. I really liked black and white striped thing this year, I might have bought at least three shirts like this within this year. Freshman year of college I went for a more business casual look while attending classes and going to events. I really got into incorporating more plaid like patterns into my wardrobe either through blazers or pants. Honestly to me this is the best style for college, its the perfect way to look professional but still comfy.

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