Dealing With the Obstacles

Your whole life you are told that there will be obstacles that might obstruct the way to your goal or path of life. If you are like me, you did not make a plan for what happens if you hit an obstacle and then another and another. Right now I am in that stage of my life, everywhere I look there is a road block preventing me from continuing.

This year I started off my very first year at college, in the midst of a pandemic. To say the least this semester has been filled with social distancing, masks and constantly being alone. Now I know I should be excited that I even got to attend in person classes this semester, but honestly after having my life plans torn apart because of a virus I’m numb. The truth is, going to school in the middle of a pandemic is the most challenging thing I have ever endured. My days are just lonely. Students are not allowed to met, eat in common places, or even sit close enough to each other to talk. Meanwhile while all this is happening I have to stay in an expensive dorm room that does not even have heat or working showers.

While my college social life has struggled to survive, the real problem I face is rejection. This semester I set out to get involved on my colleges campus, whether that be a campus job or an internship. Growing up I was always an involved person, I generally really like making other people feel happy and welcome. In high school, I was the definition of “perfect” student. I made straight A’s and was in a vast array of sports and clubs. That all quickly changed when I got into college. It started with a Student Government interview, to this day I still do not know why I did not make it. My interview was barely five minutes and just seemed rushed. I know big groups like this half to get through lots of candidates, but how can you expect someone to improve on weakness that are not known to themselves. Next, I applied to be a freshman orientation counselor at my school, and yet again I was overlooked and rejected. Then it followed with an RA position that I was also rejected from. And this last position I applied for absolutely killed me. This program was so new, and I could think of a million ways to improve and help better it. I aligned perfectly with the staff and the administration and I was willing to free my schedule at any call for this job. Sadly, as a fourth rejection in a course of three months I received the word that I just was not qualified enough. I needed more experience, but how can you begin to obtain experience when no one will give you a chance.

I still emotionally am trying to patch up the wounds left to me from these rejections. The thing is, these rejections do not define me. If anything, having rejections shows my drive, my ability and my determination. Yeah, failing four times sucks, but if I gave up I might have missed an opportunity for success. Since I am not experienced enough, I plan to keep being involved in my school maintaining a high GPA, and even doing micro-internships. So until next semester, this is my effort to destroy the obstacles in my life.

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