Downtown Spring Photoshoot + Tips

Mini City Photoshoot

Spring has made me appreciate my city so much this year. In the area I live it there really is a big precsense of nature. Being cooped up in my dorm room all winter has really made me want to explore more since the weather has been nice. It really is crazy to think that a couple weeks ago I was all bundles up just to go outside and now my weekly wardrobe is filled with tanks and shorts. As the days of the school semester draw near I thought it would be a great idea to have a mini photoshoot in the downtown.

I know it can be super awkward to take pictures especially when you are alone, but once you get used to it can be freeing. My favorite purchase has to definitely be my tri-pod. You can find great deals for them on Amazon too!!

DIY Photoshoot

In order to capture some great pictures you have to first find perfect areas to shoot in. When taking outfit pictures or character pictures I always look for different types of walls to create a background on. The best plain walls are walls that are the textured ones because they can add layers and dimension to each photo. If you are looking for a more natural background I love to find quiet spots in parks to take pictures. I specifically look for flower bushes that are in bloom or trees blossoming in the sun. Just find what background would compliment your outfit the best and go for it!

Tip # 1: When taking pictures I alway take a video instead, especially if I am alone. Taking a video allows you to quickly do a few poses and get a million different images. These are especially great for candids! All you have to do is open the video after capturing it and screenshot the images.

Tip # 2: Think of something funny for more natural smiles!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Happiness is a state of activity


How to Wear a Black Tank Top 3 Ways

If you are like me, your style probably chances on a day to day basis. When I am looking for new clothes I always try to stick to finding basic items that I like that can be styled a bunch of ways. One of my favorite pieces in my clothes is my black tank top that I will be styling today! I really like this piece because of how versatile it really can be. The lace detailing allows it to be dressed up or even dressed down for a casual look. I think is is super important to find clothes that can look well in multiple outfits because it can help expand your wardrobe.

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

– Edith Head

“Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream.”

– Donatella Versace

With each of these outfits I decided to try and compliment each piece. For the first outfit I paired this black tank top with some medium washed jeans. I think gold jewelry would compliment this outfit exceptionally well. With this outfit you really can pair any shoes and they would look amazing, but I personally would go with white sneakers to make a statement.

The second outfit I paired with Magenta cropped dress pants. I think this would look great as a going out outfit specially paired with black shoes. For a girly style I would wear chunky black heels, but if I was feeling a bit more edgy I would wear Doc Martins. I think to even elevate this more you can always thrown on either a jean jacket or blazer to tie it all in.

For the last outfit I just paired this top with a simple skirt! By tucking in the skirt it brings to attention the ruffles on the skirt and makes the whole outfit. This is a super easy outfit to throw together and still look like you spent hours getting ready. Depending on the wear I would wear heeled black boots or black sandals with this outfit.

The Truth About Motivation

I have been stressing over what I should post this week on here. It honestly feels like college just got a thousand time harder so this was the last thing on my mind. Most of my days have been spent constantly doing homework, going to work, and still trying to manage seeing people. I feel like I have been non-stop for months now and I just need a break.

College is really an interesting time period for us. I never realized how emotionally and physically drained I would feel every day. I recently have been having to deal with unresponsive teacher and registration for almost a month now. This little instances make me want to drop out so bad. Sometimes it really feels like I am paying a ton of money to be ignored by teachers. Although college is not that bad sometime it just puts me into a state where I just feel like I lack everything: motivation, appreciation, compassion, and happiness.

I have been trying to take this week to re-asses my life. Specially the goals I want to achieve in my life and the friendships I want to make. My biggest problem is where do I even begin in this situation. I want to be able to wake up every morning and genuinely be happy about my life and my choices. In one of my journalism classes we are currently learning about how social media has become the chain thats capturing us in our life. As much as I want to change this addiction, I feel like I can’t since social media and online technology is the basis of my generation.

Whenever I get into these moods for a period of time I like to find quotes to represent my goals for each day. This really helps me to remind myself that we cannot sit and worry about how the future will play out, all we can do is make today worth it. I want to share some of my favorites on here in case anyone needed to see some hope to get them through the day.

Daily Affirmations for Success

I am attracting my dream life.

My body is strong and my mind is calm.

I believe in myself and my abilities.

I love myself unconditionally.

I hope you all have a perfect and positive week- Emma 🙂

How to Stay Productive and Organized

Staying organized has almost come to feel like a chore to me in my life. When I was younger I made a point to carry a planner and put all my tasks for the day, but as I have gotten older it seems like the tasks fill the pages and just leave me overwhelmed. I tried consistently for a couple months in college to maintain my schedule by using my planner, but it just continued to seem like more work on top of my classwork.

Now I definitely do not condone living life without a guide for the week or even the day. My favorite way to stay on track with chores or tasks I need to accomplish each day is to take a little sticky note and just make a list. I know it sounds extremely simple but this is the best way to physically visualize everything that still needs to be done. An if you want to get even more creative you can color code each task for the level of importance! Although sticky note task sheets are great they do not always get the job done on the go. So I personally like to use Google Calendar! This app is honestly the absolute best way to stay on track with your day. For me I like to go in and add all my classes on the calendar at the correct times. The best benefit of this is the fact that you will receive notification thirty minutes before the class or a meeting starts. Literally I cannot even begin to explain the amount of times this has reminded me that I had class. I really do this is is the best way to build your schedule with classes/work, tasks, and even reminders!

Being productive is hard for most people. With all of the technology that we have at our finger tips it is hard to stay focused especially when your favorite show just released an episode. I think the best piece advice that I have ever received is that if you are studying take a fifteen minute break each hour. I know it might sound like wasted time but this allows you to clear your brain and rest before you cram it with more information.

At the end of the day it is important that you do not punish yourself for not completing task, because you will always have tomorrow to catch up. As hard as it is try not to over work yourself while studying, and always make sure you have a snack and water (brain food lol) to help continue your focus.

Just be you and keep working towards all of your goals!

-Emma 😉

Tarpon Springs: A Southern Hidden Gem

Just like every college student I longed for something fun to do over spring break although my spring break unfolded a lot differently then you would expect for a college student. You might expect beachside parties but my spring break was quite the opposite.

For spring break I took a trip down to Tampa for a quick break from the chaos that is college and honestly I just expected to relax. Little did I know that I would find and fall in live with the cutest town I have every been too. Tarpon Springs! I mean wow this place took my breath away it was honestly amazing. This town is situated a short drive from Tampa and is one the first Greek settlements in the United States. Tarpon Springs is known world wide for their sponge diver and the natural sponges that they produce. The best part about their sponges are that they are natural and cannot grow bacteria inside them. This makes them the perfect solution to an eco-friendly option opposed to natural sponges that need to be thrown out almost after each use.

In this small little town you can see a vast array of places to eat and shop. On the main street you can walk by a few places selling authentic greek food, and let me tell you it is worth stopping. Another amazing edition to this town is the Taste of Greece Bakery! The desserts were the best things I have ever eaten. I tried both the plain sponge cake and a Greek mousse cake.

If you are wanting a little more out of your visit, around the town you can even take a boat cruise around the bay area and see some of the historic houses that sit right on the edge of the water. Most boat tours lasted around an hour to town hours out on the water. If you decide to choose the longer boat cruise you will be able to take the ride all the way to a small island off the coast and explore for a little before returning.

-Emma 😉

A Healthy Start to the Day – Breakfast Pancakes

When life is surrounding you in chaos we barely have time to even pay attention to the needs of our body. Being a college student I truly know first hand how hard it is to make a balanced breakfast in a dorm before classes. Although this is truly a challenge it is so much tastier than eating cafeteria food at my school. Almost this whole year I have spent countless hours searching on Pinterest for the quickest, easiest, and tastiest meal options that fit into my schedule.

I personally hate the texture of oatmeal! I have tried countless recipes and everything from baked to muffins and all the flavors and I still can’t bring myself to eat it because of the texture. I am always looking for more recipes to try so if you have a great one please comment it down below! The only recipe I have been able to enjoy with oats in it is these oat pancakes!

I have tried many recipes that include banana because I want to want to live in Jack Johnsons song and pretend none of my worries really exist. Aside from my dream though, almost every single recipe I have made has came out to runny and burns too quick. That was until I tried this recipe for oatmeal pancakes with banana.

Oatmeal Pancakes

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla
  • 1 Egg
  • Sprinkle of Cinnamon ( I like a ton so really anything from a dash to a teaspoon!)
  • Water

Ok so for the directions its crazy simple. I honestly threw everything into a Ninja Blender and pulsed it a few times. Then either you can pour some of the mixture on a heated skillet of personally I like to use a mini waffle maker. Normally this recipe will make about three small waffles or pancakes.

I recommend trying this recipe out for a great start to any morning. It takes less than ten minutes to make and kids will love it too! I always serve it with a side of fruit to help balance out the meal!

Best Quarantine Online Workouts

So if you know me, you know I do not really like to actually workout. I prefer to instead go to the gym of park and just walk for an hour. It not that I don’t like working out its just that I often times fine myself bored with the workouts. Since last March I have been trying my fair share of online youtube workouts and while some you might want to steer clear of, I feel like I have found a few staple workout videos that everyone should try

1.) Lilly Sabri- I find that her workouts actually leave my core aching. Her workout are fare from basic stationary movements and she even adds low-impact movements for people.

2.) Athlean- X – this workout might be my all time favorite follow along video. You can start seeing a difference almost instantly and it really helps to tighten your core quickly.

3. MadFit One Direction Workout- This is a great workout is you get bored easily, it honestly just feels like you’re dancing which makes the workout so much more enjoyable. Disclaimer: by the end of this workout you will definitely we drenched in sweat!!

Whether you are trying to get your dream body by summer or just bored of sitting at home these workouts are a great edition to any routine. They are super quick and very rewarding. I personally love to do these workouts to relieve stress and just help my body to feel healthier and better! I challenge you to find a workout video or routine that fits in your life.

Weekly Re-Cap

I feel like this second semester of college is just blasting by. I literally just started to remember my class room number and now I am practically half-way done. I always remember growing up and envying college students because they barely went to class and just got to do whatever they wanted everyday. Now I really know the reality: school, work, caffeine, homework, and then sleep. No one really prepares you for the amount of restless night and tired mornings you experience.

Recently my style has managed to change almost everyday this month. Monday I will dress all girlie and cottage core and then by the end of week I am dressy edgy. I honestly have no words on even how to describe my fashion. I really am obsessed with anything pink and cottage core aesthetic. The hardest challenge I find with expressing my style is constantly facing peoples opinions and questions of my outfits. Honestly I am really trying to express my self and my fashion without cares.

Moral of the story just BE YOURSELF! Honestly even is people make fun of your style keep wearing it because at the end of the day do things for yourself.

OOTD: Spring Edition

Something I have been wanting to do for a while now is posting on different outfits I wear during the week. Being in college I know it can be super hard to wake up and fully get ready, but I hope with my outfits you can draw your own inspiration. Dressing up has always made me feel more confident and productive throughout the day. Whenever I stay in my pjs or leggings I normally am more likely to crawl back in bed after every class. On days I go to school I like to find outfits that are comfortable but more elevated that a baggy t-shirt and leggings. Normally I will choose to wear some vintage jeans or even mom jeans for pants and a plain t- shirt or blouse for a top. Personally I think the most important part of your outfit lies in you accessories and shoes.

Today for my outfit I opted for some vintage washed jeans paired with a dark green shirt. Since I decided to wear these grey chunky sneaker I wore a silver chain and earrings so that they would all compliment each other. Of course I had to pair a jacket with this outfit because its either cold outside or I am always cold. I recently thrifted this tan trench coat inspired jacket and I am so glad I did. This jacket really helps to make such a casual outfit look so much more put together.

I hope everyone is having a great week and staying positive!


Spring Fashion Lookbook

As I sit in my room watching the snow continuously build outside my window all I can think about is spring time. Spring is without a doubt my favorite season! Everything from the pretty pastels to the flowers blooming just helps to lift my spirts after each long and gloomy winter. I know this spring might look a bit different as we reach the one year mark of the pandemic, but I hope we all can continue to raise our hopes and remain positive. Now back to the spring looks, when piecing this together I really tried to find inspiration that created that same sense of happiness in my as spring time does.

The main points I looked for were…

  • Floral Prints
  • Soft Colors
  • Frills/Ruffles
  • Square necklines
  • Gold accents

Since the fashion at the moment is very centered on 90s with a mix of regency era I will formulate outfits that mimic those beloved trends.

As always that you for joining me on my journey to creating a fashion blog! I sincerely appreciate everyone who has reached out and continue to revisit my page! I couldn’t have done all this without y’alls help!

XOXO, Emma